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Ticketing & Registration

Tickets or Registrations

Capture the right amount of attendee information with in-depth registration or simple ticketing.


Offer additional items during checkout such as t-shirts, parking passes, and more.

Event Insurance

Provide optional ticket insurance for your attendees in case “life happens” and they’re unable to attend your event.

Custom Form Questions

Collect specific attendee details with custom questions on the checkout form.

Conditional Questions

Display follow-up questions based on responses to previous questions.

Automatic Pricing Tiers

Set prices to automatically change based on inventory or date.

Payment Installments

Give customers the flexibility to pay for tickets or registration in installments, making your event accessible to a wider audience.

Group Sales

Offer group sales that enable one person to register a group without having to enter details for each attendee.


Create and manage “Teams”, perfect for groups, schools, relays, and beyond.

Access Codes

Create access codes to control who can buy tickets or register for your event.

Attendee Restrictions

Apply conditions to tickets and registrations such as age, gender, location, and more.

Post-Purchase Options

Allow attendees to edit orders, change ticket or registration type, and more, saving you valuable administrative time.


Allow attendees to transfer their ticket or registration to someone else.

Branding & Design


Select from specialized templates that highlight various aspects of your brand to make your event page all your own.

Color Schemes

Choose colors that reflect your brand’s look and feel.

Social Media Integration

Display your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds on your event page.

Branded Imagery

Add a bold banner or background image to bring out your event’s personality.


Feature videos and live feeds via YouTube on your event page.

Email Branding

Apply your preferred color scheme and add images to confirmation and invitation emails.

Custom Confirmation Message

Display a custom on-screen message once an order is complete.

Custom Confirmation Email

Include a custom message and imagery in the attendee confirmation email.

Multiple Languages

Set up event pages in multiple languages to better speak to buyers and attendees.



Give buyers a seamless mobile experience that drives conversions from any device.


Increase conversions with an ad-free, single page purchase flow.

Conversion Tracking

Add your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and/or Facebook Pixel ID for a complete view of sales, marketing, and financial data.

Marketing & Promotions

Affiliate Program

Harness the power of affiliate marketing to get promoters to sell on your behalf.

Mailchimp Integration

Sync Events.com data with MailChimp to streamline communications.

Social Media Feeds and Sharing

Feature your social media feeds and give visitors the ability to share your event page.


Increase awareness and ticket sales through referrals with an optional incentive.


Send special invitations with a unique link to VIPs, sponsors, staff, and others.

Promo Codes

Incentivize buyers with discounts on tickets, registrations, merchandise, and more.

Multi-Quantity Discount

Increase attendance by offering discounts when multiple tickets or registrations are purchased in a single order.

Search and Discovery

Set your event to be discoverable on Events.com.

Event Management

Copy Event

Copy an existing event easily with just one click.

Email Active Attendees

Easily communicate with attendees to provide event information, updates, and more.

Attendee Management​

Update attendee information to ensure accurate records.

Order Management​

Cancel, refund, and apply administrative fees to ensure orders are properly managed.

Roles and Permissions​

Assign permission-based roles to staff, timers, and partners so they can access the tools and data specific to their needs.

Event Organizer Insurance

Protect your event with event organizer insurance.

Payments & Transactions

Secure Payment Processing

Rest assured payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Direct Deposit

Set up ACH direct deposit to have funds sent directly to your bank account.

Flexible Payouts

Use your own Stripe account and receive funds everyday, with nothing held back like with other providers.

Credit Card Acceptance

Accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Multiple Currencies

Set up and transact in the currencies that apply to your event and your attendees.

Fee Choices

Choose to include Events.com fee in the ticket or registration price or pass it to the attendee.


Add taxes to the prices of tickets, registrations, merchandise, and other items.

Reporting & Analytics

Organization Reports

Create reports and view data for all events under a single organization.

Event Reports

Dive deep into event data with an array of pre-set reports.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports to get the data you need the way you need it.

Visual Dashboards

Get at-a-glance insights from dashboards with clean designs and intuitive graphs.

Custom Filtering & Favorites

Filter and favorite custom data views so that the data you need is readily accessible.

Day-of-Event Tools

Digital Event Page

Deliver digital content to verified attendees, including videos, images, sponsor content, livestream links and more.

On-Site Sales

Sell tickets, registrations, merch; print tickets, receipts; run a box office or kiosk with Events.com EverySale™ a point of sale app.

Attendee Check-In

Events.com EverySale™ allows you to sell tickets and merchandise at your event as well as print tickets and receipts.

QR Codes

Print and scan tickets with QR codes with our event-day mobile apps.

Attendee ID, Bibs & More

Assign attendee IDs, manage bibs, and more through the platform and check-in app.

Real Time Data

Access event data at any time with continuously updated information.

Support Services

Help Center

Reference our evolving Help Center to access FAQs, tips, and knowledge base articles.

Organizations & Attendees

Contact our world-class support team, available to Events.com customers and their attendees.

Customer Success

Partner with a Customer Success Manager to ensure your success at every step (available to qualifying customers).

Multi-Lingual Support

Take advantage of our​ in-house multi-lingual support experts.

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